10 Best Books By Stephen King

10 best books by Stephen King

10 Best Books By Stephen King

Stephen King is a renowned American prolific writer of more than 200 short stories and 60 books. He is famous for his best-selling literary works, and he was also the master of American horror writing. His first book was published in 1974; since then, his readers have adored him. For everyone who is looking for the perfect scare should definitely read King’s books.

He writes chilling horror novels, crime fiction, supernatural thrillers, and lots of magical realism series. Many of his short stories have been seen in films and television series. Readers love how he plans his plots, discusses memorable characters, and his creativity is like the cherry on the top of the cake. If you are just starting off with reading, then you should know which book to read. We have shortlisted some best books by Stephen King that have excellent reviews and are most loved by readers.

1. The Outsider

The Outsider is a story that starts with a discovery of a sexually assaulted, slain 11-year-old boy who lives in the Georgia woods. The author talks about the unspeakable crime that involves the violation and murder of a small young boy. The detective in this whole story was Ralph Anderson, who arrested a local man named Terry Maitland. This arrest was straightforward, and the evidence was airtight.

This angry policeman, Ralph, keeps on mourning the death of his young son. During the investigation, the policeman remains righteously furious. As the tension rises, the pressure of investigation on the policeman rises, and Ralph starts to uncover some really intriguing and horrifying pieces of information. After some time, the problem arises, and some cracks come in the case.

The author has written the story in unbearable suspense and generates strong tension. Apparently, Maitland was a nice man, but in reality, he has another face. The ending of the story is surprising and shocking for the reader.

2. The Shining

Written by the undisputed master Stephen King, this book is a perfect example of a classic modern American horror theme. The Shining started in the 1970s in Colorado. The story revolves around the Torrance family, including Jack’s husband, Wendy’s wife, and Danny, their five-year-old son. At the beginning of the story, Jack is hired as a caretaker of Overlook hotel. He was specifically hired for the winter season.

Jack was very happy about his job as he felt that the hotel’s relaxing atmosphere would allow him to spend more time with family, and he could also work on his writings. After joining, the hotel manager informed him that the previous caretaker had killed his whole family inside the hotel. He told him that his little girl and wife were murdered badly. The story takes a turn; readers will surely get different surprises in it. It’s wildly imaginative yet somehow matches reality.

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3. End of Watch: A Novel

While talking about the best books to read by Stephen King, the End of Watch is another amazing book to discuss. In this novel, Bill Hodges and his friends seem to fight the battle of death and disbelief. By using experimental drugs, the Mercedes Killer Brady has learned to grab the mind and bodies of hospital staff and librarians. He used both of them as his slaves and vehicles and then finally set off a suicide epidemic.

In this book, Stephen brings forward the combination of detective fiction, supernatural suspense, and creativity that results in a terrifying conclusion. The ending of the novel is unnerving and tells us about human vulnerability. Surely, no one can write it better than King.

4. Carrie 

Margaret White is a strong and strange woman with overzealous religious beliefs that she beautifully instills in her daughter, Carrie. Carrie White is a misfit high-school girl who does not like to go with anybody or even with her mother. She was repressed by her religious mother and frequently targeted public teasing in her school and town. After taking first-class physical education, Carrie is really confused because she was completely unaware of puberty and changing of body parts.

Her classmates start humiliating her daily that disturbs her a lot. One day while going home, she suddenly realizes her ability to control different objects from a distance. She gets to know that she can move things with her mind. This strange ability of Carrie becomes her power and problem both. She starts thinking that this gift will help her get normal, and now she hopes that vicious taunts will be no more.

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5. Doctor Sleep: A Novel

Doctor Sleep is another one of the best books written by Stephen King. This novel is written in the same timeline as The Shining, his most well-known work. It picks up the theme of traumatic events that take place in the Overlook hotel. Haunted by the residents of the Overlook Hotel, where he used to spend one horrific childhood year. Jack, keep on struggling with the memories of the hotel while his mother, Wendy, heals from the wound. You will find this novel much similar to The Shining, and the creativity and suspense in this inspire the reader a lot.

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6. Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary is a fictional exploration of Stephen’s greatest fear. Stephen has become the most beloved author in America, just because of his talent to deal with human fears. Usually, all his books discuss human fears and how we can overcome this issue. This book specifically tells us how the fear of losing a loved one feels like. The author himself felt very frightened about the story; he was a bit reluctant before posting it.

Dr. Lousi Creed moved his family to a rural town as the new company hired him. The new beginning feels good and realistic until one day; he starts to get into fear. Despite the tranquility of this town, there was a large graveyard in it that puts the family in trouble. What the family thinks and how they overcome it that’s beautifully covered by the writer.

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7. 1922 

In the list of recommended books by Stephen King, another great book is 1922. In 1922, he discussed the first-person account and told us the unreliable narrator story. The story is about a man who deals with violence within, and at the end, he writes a long confession for the murder of his wife.

Wilfred owns almost eighty acres of his farmland that his family gave for generations. Arlette, his wife, owns almost one hundred acres. The wife wants to sell her land, but if she does this, Wilfred would also have to sell his land forcefully. The great American storyteller, the King, has highlighted the dark side of human nature in this book.

8. The Stand

The Stand is one of the best mystery books by Stephen King. It tells us the way the world ends. Just because of the computer error in the Defense Department laboratory, within nanoseconds, the world ends. The error forms the links in a chain letter of death. The book revolves around the deadly pandemic of influenza and its aftereffects.

Published in 1978, this book is considered one of the finest works of King. The author tells us this world is a continuous elemental struggle between good and evil.

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9. Later 

Have you ever felt that growing up is much similar to facing your demons? If so, then you might not be wrong in this point of view. This story is about a single mother and his son, who is not an ordinary child. Jamie was born with an unnatural ability, and his mom wanted to keep this secret. Shockingly, he can see what no one else can see, and he can easily learn what no one can learn. Jamie didn’t know that cost of using this ability would be this much higher.

The author added a sense of innocence to this terrifying story and made it much more interesting and touchy for the readers.

10. Billy Summers

Now let’s talk about another one of the best Stephen King books of all time, Billy Summers!

This book is about a man in a room with a gun. This man was the best in the business, and he was hired as a killer. But, he was only willing to do his job if the targeted man was the really bad guy. Billy wants to come out of this trap, but he wants to do this last hit. This book is basically about part war story, and the author has discussed it most surprisingly and compellingly. It’s about luck, fate, love, and much more.

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