Best Books About Mythology

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Best Books About Mythology

Readers were already engrossed in ancient mythology’s epic stories of gods, goddesses, and half-human beings long before Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare came around.
Modern mythology often draws on ancient Greek mythology to explain the universe’s beginnings.
Even in the realm of mythology, gods are not always kind characters. Often, they behave like spoilt children, envious and vindictive deities. In addition, they may be caught on camera eavesdropping or pulling pranks on humans for their amusement.
We are nevertheless enthralled by these tales, probably because we can identify with many of the feelings and behaviors depicted in them.
These books on mythology are a great place to start if you are a novice or an expert in the field:

10 Best Books About Mythology:

1. Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods By Rick Riordan

As popular as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, Percy Jackson’s books have a cult following. Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, written by Rick Riordan and John Rocco, is likewise a massive hit because of this.
The tales of Greek gods and goddesses from Greek mythology are told in this book, as they are in a slew of others. Percy Jackson, the famous, fictitious character created by Rick Riordan, is the narrator of this novel.
Percy Jackson’s sense of humor contributes to the book’s appeal to young readers. Being a member of Percy Jackson’s universe allows him to cheerfully point out how stupid and bizarre these people may be.
The Percy Jackson series fans and those who have never read the Percy Jackson series will like this book.
For further information, visit this link: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods: Riordan, Rick, Rocco, John: 9781484712375: Books.

2. Grave Mercy By Robin Lafevers

Seventeen-year-old Ismae flees the violence of an arranged marriage into the monastery of St. Mortain, where the sisters continue to worship the gods of old.
There, she discovers that she was bestowed by the god of Death Himself with terrible gifts–and an unimaginably horrific destiny.
There, she will be taught as an assassin and become Death’s assistant if she chooses to remain. It implies that if she gets what she wants in life, she’ll have to murder other people to acquire it.
She finds herself unprepared for not just the deadly games of intrigue and betrayal but also the hard decisions she must make at the royal court of Brittany, where her most significant task takes place.
Because how can she inflict Death’s wrath on someone who has taken her heart against her best intentions?

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3. Celtic Myths And Legends By Peter Berresford Ellis

Peter Berresford Ellis’s Celtic Myths and Legends is an excellent introduction to Celtic mythology if you are looking for a book that focuses solely on the stories. Thanks to his interpretations of Celtic legends, this is an enjoyable book to read.
Although the book is nontechnical, devoid of jargon, and written as fiction rather than factual, the reader can tell that Ellis is an excellent Celtic historian and writer.
Celtic mythology is not assumed to be a previous knowledge in the book, making it accessible and beginner-friendly. Generally speaking, Celtic Myths and Legends is the finest introduction to the topic for many complete novices.

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4. The Library Of Greek Mythology By Apollodorus

Nothing from antiquity has survived save for the Greek mythological book collection Bibliotheca. Many myths and legends are covered in this book. Scholars have relied on it as a key ancient source in their attempts to piece together and make sense of Greek mythology.
It all began with the Big Bang, the birth of the Gods, and the dawn of time itself. We’ll learn about gods like Zeus, Hades, and Zeus’ son, Hercules. We’ll also learn about the bravery of heroes like Perseus, Theseus, and the soldiers of the Trojan War.
In Robin Hard’s translation, the stories take on a more modern and accessible tone, making them more enjoyable to read.

5. Metamorphoses By Ovid, Translated By Charles Martin

A significant influence on modern authors like Salman Rushdie and Italo Calvino, Ovid’s epic poem has been a source of inspiration for generations of Western thinkers, from Dante to the current day.
Ovid’s original text is faithfully reproduced in Charles Martin’s verse, capturing the original’s speed and liveliness. According to Martin, metamorphoses will be the preferred translation for English-speaking readers in the future.
Endnotes and a dictionary of individuals, places, and personifications are also included in this edition.

6. The Flame Of Olympus By Kate O’Hearn

What more do you need, other than a young girl, a winged horse, and an Olympian war?
Thirteen-year-old Emily’s life changes forever when Pegasus crashes into a Manhattan roof during a violent storm.
Now coupled with a winged horse she’d always assumed was mythological, Emily is plunged directly into the thick of a ferocious fight between the Roman gods and a fearsome race of multiarmed stone warriors called the Nerds.
Emily must pair up with and trust a robber named Palen, the goddess Diana, and a human boy named Joel to assist Pegasus in returning to Olympus and saving the other gods from certain Death.
Emily and her friends have to battle creatures throughout her voyage, flee from a federal agency that wants to dissect Pegasus and fly over the Manhattan cityscape. All this expedition to rescue Olympus before the Olympic flame goes out.

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7. Heroes, Gods, And Monsters Of The Greek Myths By Bernard Evslin

There are a plethora of fascinating figures to be found in Greek mythology. Bernard Evslin’s Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths provides biographies of Greek mythology’s most beloved figures.
Gods, nature stories, demigods, and tales are all included in the book. It’s easy to follow the author’s manner of writing. A feeling of difference between the stories helps readers link them more efficiently, which is beneficial.
Zeus, Hera, Athena, Pandora, and Theseus are just a few well-known figures that appear in this novel.
Others, such as Pygmalion and Arion and Phaeton and Hephaestus that are less well known, are also included here. So while Greek mythology might be a little crazy, they’re nonetheless fascinating to learn about!

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8. Dreams Lie Beneath By Rebecca Ross

For many years, the land of Azenor has been cursed. A mountain nearby spews magic on every new moon, bringing horrors to life. The magic of territorial wardens can only avert a person’s best nightmares.
While Clementine Madigan is preparing to take over as town warden, she is unwittingly sucked into a century-old feud when two magicians show up to challenge her.
Avenging herself, she becomes closer to Phelan, one of the gorgeous young magicians. But as they get closer, the truths about their past begin to surface.
Clementine must combine with her competitor to combat the realm’s curse that appears to be stalking her at every step. Azenor’s horrors are lurking around every corner, but will their efforts be enough?

9. Early Irish Myths And Sagas Translated By Jeffrey Gantz

In English translation, of course, we now have the original materials on Celtic mythology from the prehistoric and medieval eras.
Because Old Irish literary works are the most critical source for our current understanding of Celtic mythology and religion, any primary sources on the Celts should begin with those Irish pieces.
Some of you may know that Irish literary materials are comparable to Icelandic literary sources regarding the pre-Christian Germanic peoples’ mythology and religion.
An excellent introduction to Old Irish literature, Early Irish Myths, and Sagas collects many of the most important of these tales. Epic stories of adventure, courage, love, mystery, and magic abound here, and they’re sure to enchant and inspire as well as teach.

10. The Odyssey By Homer

Back to Homer, his second work, the second of his epic poems, is particularly lengthy and is devoted to only one subject. This long trip requires Odysseus to fight mythical animals and face the wrath of gods.
Odysseus’ wife Penelope and his son Telemachus could hold the suitors at bay long enough for him to safely return from his long journey away from home.
The Odyssey finishes with Odysseus defeating the various suitors and restoring his rightful seat on the kingdom of Ithaca after winning a tournament to establish his real identity.


The characters’ loyalty, bravery, and wisdom will pique your interest as you read these classic tales while also providing you with food for thought.
First-time mythology readers should start with one of these books. Then, check out these epic stories before they’re gone!

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