Top Books About Sustainable Fashion in 2022

Best Books About Sustainable Fashion

Best Books About Sustainable Fashion:

Fast fashion is now well-known. We may all believe we understand what it implies, but do we get the sweatshop’s day-to-day effect on a growing economy and its people? Fast fashion and fashion waste comprise around 8% of global climate impact and employ over 430 million people, many do not receive a livable wage.

Many of us support the notion of a more sustainable fashion business, yet for some reason, we continue to fill our wardrobes with the same bargain-basement items that appear to go out of style in weeks. Perhaps by helping with some inspirational voices and practical instructions, we can turn this culture around.

We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite books on sustainable fashion that will inspire you to take action, present you with the facts and hidden tales behind the fashion business, and equip you with the know-how and tactics to effect long-term change.


5 Top Books About Sustainable Fashion:

There is a lot to learn about sustainable design, from discovering the startling practices of the cotton business to figuring out how to create your ideal wardrobe. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for the best sustainable fashion books.



Cheap: The High Cost Of Discount Culture

Shell discusses how the world has grown owing to its unquenchable need for cheap prices. According to her, American shoppers are abandoning high-quality apparel in favor of mass-produced items. Consumers are becoming more obsessed with discounts and bargains, and the negative effects of low-cost things and low-cost pricing are highlighted in her article.

From the rust belt’s closed industries to the sun belt’s look-alike strip malls—and practically everywhere in between—America has been altered by its unrelenting focus on cheap pricing.

Obsession with instant gratification is undoubtedly the most powerful and destructive market force of our time. It has fostered an excess of consumption that devastates our natural landscapes, increases personal debt, reduces our quality of living, and even distorts our conception of time.

Ellen Ruppel Shell chronicles the birth of the bargain through our contemporary big-box abundance to uncover the astronomically high cost of cheap, highlighting the specific dynamics that moved Americans far from quality, durability, and craftsmanship and towards quantity, quantity, and more quantity.

Best Books About Sustainable Fashion


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 Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion


We can’t speak about sustainable fashion without addressing Elizabeth L. Cline’s book. Elizabeth is a New York-based author and journalist, and her 2012 book, Cheap (Fast) Fashion, changed the way we talk about the topic.

This book investigates how fast fashion impacts our environment, economy, and culture. Anyone new to the realm of eco-friendly fashion. This book is a great place to start if you want to be motivated.

Most Americans today dress differently than they used to. Traditional shops like JCPenney and discounters such as Target now provide the newest trends at unheard-of costs. Styles change so quickly that it’s more cost-effective to acquire new clothing than to wear and mend what we currently possess.

Cline is studying the fast fashion industry. What to deal with all these old clothes? How are they affecting our society, the environment, and the economy in general?





  Fashionopolis: The Price Of Fast Fashion And The Future Of Clothes


Dana Thomas leads an investigation into the devastation caused by the apparel industry’s rapid expansion in Fashionopolis. We learn why it’s essential to pay attention to how our clothing is created and to ask essential questions about our wardrobe.

Visionary designers and businesses feature in this book’s effort to change the fashion industry into a regenerative and circular economy.

What will I wear? It is a daily question. Currently, we’re told it’s something new. Every sixth person on the planet uses the apparel business, which now produces 80 billion clothes annually.

Fast fashion and globalization have led to a dramatic increase in the exploitation of labor, the environment, and intellectual property in the garment industry, which has been mostly hidden from public view. It’s time for a new human-scale model, and we need it now.

Dana Thomas, a best-selling writer, has toured the world in search of the industry’s most forward-thinking designers and firms that are reviving traditional craft and introducing cutting-edge sustainable technology to generate better apparel.

We’ve all dressed casually this week. As the first complete look at where to begin, Fashionopolis is a must-see.

Best Books About Sustainable Fashion


  Cradle To Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things


Cradle to Cradle is by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. Rather than destroying the globe, a major adjustment in the present production system is needed. In this groundbreaking book, the author proposes a radical rethinking of how we create and consume clothing and other goods.

However, as architects William McDonough and Michael Braungart point out in this bold, imaginative book, this strategy merely maintains the one-way, ‘cradle to grave’ industrial paradigm that causes so much waste and pollution.

Rather than accepting the premise that human activity must harm the environment, why not question it? In fact, why not use nature as a paradigm for our product development? A tree’s abundance does not consider wasteful since we see it as safe, attractive, and functional.

They describe how goods may be created from the beginning so that they can be used again and again as raw materials for new products in a “cradle to cradle” approach.

McDonough and Braungart provide a compelling argument for putting eco-effectiveness into reality, drawing on their extensive experience redesigning anything from carpets to corporate campuses. They illustrate how anybody engaged in the production of anything can begin to do so, too.


The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good


Sustainable fashion is the focus of Cline’s most recent book. Someone motivated to take action and make personal clothing improvements. This book teaches you how to start making a difference in the fashion industry by focusing on several areas of sustainable fashion.

The Conscious Closet has everything you need to get started, whether it is to create an easy wardrobe, shop ethically, purchase higher quality, or stay on top of trends without affecting the environment.

Elizabeth examines new findings on fashion’s influence and demonstrates how we can use our fashion choices to affect the world. Elizabeth explains to you step-by-step how to develop an ethical wardrobe, starting with a closet cleanse and then donating, exchanging, or selling the things you no longer desire.

In the Conscious Closet, you’ll find a lot more than fashion advice. So let’s make one of the world’s most polluting industries—fashion—a force for good. Before interacting with a worldwide network of passionate and fashionable fashion revolutionaries, readers will understand where and how our clothes are created.

Elizabeth teaches us in The Conscious Closet how we may rediscover the joy of dressing again, without compromising the environment, our values, or our sense of fashion.



Those who are interested in learning more about how unsustainable and exploitative the fashion business is, and what the fashion industry is trying to minimize its horrible environmental impacts, should check out this selection of sustainable fashion books.

It is not a complete list. As more people become aware of the severity of the climate issue and the role that fashion – specifically ‘fast fashion’ – has played in it, more books will produce on the topic in the coming years.


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