Best Books By Paulo Coelho

best books by Paulo Coelho

Best Books By Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho’s life has been twisting and inspiring for many of us. During his adulthood, he remained in the psychiatric hospital just because of his rebellious attitude. Paulo was subjected to electroshock therapy, and he was dropped out of law school. After his pilgrimage to Santiago, he started to pursue his career as a writer that was life-changing for him. The literary genius mind of Paulo produces some illustrious novels. His books are published in 170 countries and translated into more than eighty languages. Here is a list of best books by Paulo Coelho, have a look at them!

1. The Alchemist

One of the best Paulo Coelho book is The Alchemist. It is a story of a young shepherd, Santiago, who went on a journey to find a treasure. During his travel, he finds many challenges and meets different people. Throughout his journey, he keeps on learning new experiences and continuously develops his personality.

While traveling with his folk, Santigo saw the same dream twice. His dream takes him to a fortune teller, which further begins his journey to foreign lands. This book is full of inspiration, fantasy, spirituality, and adventure. This psychological novel would enforce you to think. Understanding and interpretation of this book vary according to the cultural background of every individual.

2. The Winner Stands Alone

The Winner Stands Alone discusses almost everything in life. In this amazing book, Paulo shows us the mirror of our society and explains how luxurious life keeps us unaware of the truths. In just a few hundred pages, the author has explained a lot about this.  He beautifully explains humanity’s thinking and elaborates his wish for never-ending power.

What’s the price of success? How to attain power? How to remain consistent? Paulo discusses all these aspects in a most inspirational way. Characters in this book help us to pursue money, fame, and power.

Igor is a powerful entrepreneur whose wife left him; he went to the festival to get back his wife. For catching her attention, he keeps on destroying worlds. Igor follows several characters, and his mission is just to carry her at any cost.

3. Like the Flowing River

Like the Flowing River is one of the entirely different books written by Paulo. Unlike all his other novels, this book is a collection of poems, stories, notes, and very meaningful anecdotes. Every page of this book will teach you something about life, death, and nature.

This unique book of Paulo depicts his beautiful mind in a most inspiring way. As you start reading this book, you will begin questioning yourself. This discussion with your inner helps in your daily improvement and makes you much stronger.

Paulo’s way of looking at the Universe is amazing; he takes out various realizations out of the simplest things. He shared his experiences of traveling and told us different purposeful stories. From dreaming of becoming a writer to be one of the wildest writers, he passed through many experiences.

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Best Books By Paulo Coelho

4. The Zahir

Similar to all other Paulo’s novels, this book also offers you some kind of spiritual quest. The addition of Sufism in the book makes it more eminent and interesting. The narrator’s wife suddenly leaves him without giving any information or leaving any trace. Similar to all other best-selling books by Paulo Coelho, this book is also loved by everyone.

He tries to find her, during his journey from Paris to Central Asia, he finds greater meaning in life. While describing the narrator’s journey, Paulo discusses ancient myths and traditions that tell us a lot about the origin of the belief, themes of love, and self-knowledge.

The mystery of his wife makes him disturbed; he keeps on thinking whether she has been kidnapped, killed, or left him for some reason. In this book, Paulo talks about the stability of spirituality, love, and freedom.

5. Veronika Decides to Die

This another one of the best books of Paulo Coelho shows us the reality of life but in a very different way. By using mad people as leading characters, he reveals many facts about us. Anyone who has the mindset of suicide should read this book, as it would be really helpful for them. His lyrical and eavesdropping style will enforce you to follow this,

It is about a young woman, Veronika, who tries to do suicide but fails, and was informed that due to her suicide attempt, she damaged her heart and has only five days to live. While living in the hospital, she came to know what is the meaning of insane and the meaning of death,

This book is all about the effect of the death sentence of Veronika and on all the patients with whom she interacts. All the patients she meets have different stories and experiences; after listening to all of them, Veronika doesn’t want to die, and it leaves a major influence on all patients.

6. Eleven Minutes

All the books of Paulo Coelho teach valuable lessons to adults and tell is interesting stories in a unique way. This story gives us sexual education and tells us how to maintain borders on the relationship. The book is wholly effective and compelling and also uncomfortable for some people.

Reading this book will offer you romantic and sexual discoveries related to a conventional young lady. Maria, a young Brazilian, keeps on doing love and sex for all her adventures until she finds a young painter who is as lost as she was. This book will help you discover the sacredness of sexuality.

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Best Books By Paulo Coelho

7. Brida

Brida is an enchanting novel with a beautiful mixture of mystery, love, passion, and spirituality. The novel is about a young Irish woman, Brida, who searches for knowledge and is highly interested in magic while she longs for something extraordinary.

Her quest to find something leads her to meet high intellectual people who help her discover her own spiritual world. She meets a magician in the forest who teaches her to overcome distress and believe in goodness.

It is a tale that combines character development with magical realism and tells the reader a lot about love, knowledge, and magic. Brida gets guidance from the mage who incorporates positivity in her and the witch who tells her to dance to the world’s music.

8. The Devil and Miss Prym

Out of the top 10 books by Paulo Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym are one of the amazing choices. Published in 2000, this novel has been thought-provoking for many of us. This book discusses the eternal conflict between evil and good.

It is a story of old Berta, who spent almost fifteen years sitting outside, continuously watching her little village and talking with her departed husband. She kept on waiting for the devil to arrive; this is because her husband predicted so.  The story revolves around the buried treasure and the devil, while it gives the lesson of the reality of life to the readers.

9. By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept

Another one of the best books by Paulo Coelho is By the River Piedra. The story of this novel is about an independent young woman, Pilar, who is depressed because of university life. She and her companion met for the first time in childhood while they ran into each other after good 11 years.

Pilar is a strong and a controlled woman, while he is a man who seeks religion and deals with his internal conflicts. Both have the ultimate desire to bring change in their lives and are passionate about pursuing their dreams. To achieve their dreams, they have to overcome the fear of failure and prejudice.

The author explains this story in a modern dialogue and poetic way; along with this, he also beautifully discusses mysteries of the divine.

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10. Adultery

In our list of best books from Paulo Coelho, the Adultery holds great importance.  This story is about a woman, a secret, who has an unexpected passion, which hugely affects her life and values. At the age of 31, Linda has everything that one can dream for; she lives a perfect life that everyone wants to have.

She has a beautiful home in Switzerland, a successful career, a loving husband, and adorable children. And all of a sudden, a change in her life put her in fear, and she became very conscious. Out of nowhere, she meets her school love, Jacob, who brings back her passion and takes away all her lethargy. She became the person that she was in the past and forgot everything.

In between guilt and pleasure, she started living a different life. This story gives us adultery lessons in a way that every adult should know.

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