Best Books on Investment

best books on investment

Best Books on Investment

The act or process of investing money for profit. Investment is a great way to earn extra income other than your monthly earnings. It’s a good idea if you invest your savings after you start making money. The investment will help you earn extra income on top of your monthly income. This article contains the best books on investment to give you basic investment knowledge.

It’s necessary to gain knowledge and information about the investment before actually starting an investment. You should know the basics of investment and the different options available in this field to fully understand the circumstances. It does not matter if you are still studying or just an immature teenager; if you have savings and knowledge about investment, you can invest in stocks. According to recent studies, 55% of the American population has stocks. So if you are among the remaining 45% and want to become part of the other 55% community by earning extra income passively with the help of investment, the following books are the best pick for you. Below are the best books on investment basics for your promising future.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

this book is written by Kiyosaki, was first published in 1997, and its latest edition contains updates taken from Kiyosaki.

Rich Dad Poor Dad depicts the story of a child who grows up watching two kinds of dads, his biological father and the father of his best friend, his rich dad. The story tells how the opinions of two different persons about investment and money shape the thoughts of a growing child. This is the best book on investment for beginners as it explodes the myth that you have to make more money to become rich. Moreover, it teaches people how to make your money work for you instead you working hard to make money.

These are the things which should be taught in schools, but often they are not. It also shows parents that they should not only rely on schools to teach children how to make money. When the rich dad poor dad was first published two decades ago, its context and lessons were criticized in many ways, but now in the 20th century, one can see its worth.

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The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

Knowledge of index funds is basic for investment, and this book provides all the necessary information about it. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is the best book on investment and provides the latest information, new insights, and innovative investment perspectives.

The book was written by John C. Bogle. Bogle tells all the simplest ways of investment to earn money in the long run. Bogle reveals his secrets about how to get more out of investing, low-cost index funds. He also told different ways to buy and hold stocks at a very low rate to follow a vast stock market index such as the S and P 500. The latest edition of the little book common sense investing includes two chapters, one on assets allocation and the second on retirement investing.

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The Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money is considered among the best books on investment. The book, written by Morgan Housel, depicts the behavior of the world around money. This book tells us that doing well with money is not necessary. Instead, you should know how to behave when it comes to money. The author writes that behavior is usually hard to teach even to the smartest people. In schools, money, investing, personal finance, and business decisions are taught as a math-based field where everything is calculated through formulas on spreadsheets.

But in the real world, decisions are not made on spreadsheets. People meet at the dinner table, in a meeting room, or in private places where they talk about their personal history, ego, pride, view on the world, and marketing. All these versatile factors are scrambled together before making a final decision. In this book, Morgan Housel depicts 19 stories to tell the strange ways about how people think about money.

The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed

Benjamin Graham was one of the best investment advisors of the 20th century, and this book is written by him. In the revised edition of the intelligent investor, Graham gives his insights on today’s market conditions.

Graham gives the philosophy of ‘value investing’, by which investors can invest professionally without substantial errors and reach their financial goals easily. The book was published in 1949, and since then it is known as the stock market Bible. Graham’s wisdom about marketing strategies has been proven over the years. The revised edition of this book also contains trends of today’s market, comparing graham’s principles with recent headlines to give people a better understanding of today’s market trends.

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The Simple Path to Wealth

The book, The Simple Path to Wealth, started as the author’s letter to his daughter in which he explained all the complex theories of money and easy investment. Her daughter was unwilling to make any investment and did not understand money’s worth in this complex world. So the author told her, and all the readers, how money is essential to avoid debt. The book covers broad topics of debt, the stock market, how to invest in both bull and bear market, assets allocation, retirement savings plan, 4% rule, and importance of F-money.

The Book on Rental Property Investing

Another best book on investment, the book on rental property investing, tells people that investment is not only about the stock market. One can also invest in property, and it is also an excellent way to earn money and reach your financial goals successfully. The book is written by Brandon Turner, and he gives valuable advice on how a person can build his rental property income streams without making mistakes. A beginner in this field can easily make real estate investor mistakes, so the author gives tips to avoid such errors. The book on rental property investing also teaches people how to finance rentals. So it is the best book if you are thinking of investing in rental property.

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market

As the name suggests, a beginner’s guide to the stock market covers everything from the basics of investment to the essentials of investment. It teaches people what stocks are? How to invest in stocks? How to open a brokerage account? How to buy your first stock? And how to make money using stocks/ This book is a perfect key to your secure financial future.

If you plan to invest in the stock market, don’t do it without reading this book. This is the best book on investment and tells everything you need to know before starting an investment. A beginner’s guide to the stock market is an evergreen book in teaching the basics of stocks and how to invest in stocks professionally.


The Millionaire Next Door

The Millionaire Next Door is the best-selling book of its times. the best book on investment. The book tells us that it is a myth that all millionaires of America have inherited their money. This book is a result of thorough research, and it depicts the seven common traits present in all wealthy people. The book stated that wealthy people don’t live in Beverly Hills or on Park Avenue. Instead, they live next door. By this, the author implements that rich people are not different from us; it’s just that they have some additional traits that the poor don’t know. Through the new edition of the Millionaire Next Door, everyone can find how to make money and make their life stable.

The Total Money Makeover

The total money Makeover is a fantastic book that teaches people how to turn misery into an opportunity. This book tells how an individual can make a handsome sum of passive money, pay all debts, buy a house, car, or anything one wants. Read this excellent book to find out all the ways of converting your dream money into real money.

How to Day Trade for a Living

How to day trade for a living describes the importance of day trading and how day trading differs from other types of trading. This book depicts all the essential strategies needed to succeed in day trading. It gives readers insight into the trading world by teaching them where to start, develop a portfolio, make a strategy, and succeed without mistakes. It also comes with practicing the right tools and software and appropriate education to help people succeed.

Trading is not something you can just take lightly instead you have to do it very diligently. This book depicts different trading patterns for easy understanding. You can give yourself a promising future after reading this book. Following trading patterns are given in this book:

  • ABCD trading pattern
  • Bull flag momentum trading
  • Top reversal trading
  • Bottom reversal trading
  • Moving average trend trading
  • VWAP trading
  • Support and resistance trading

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