Best Books on Psychology

best books about psychology

10 Best Books on Psychology

Psychology books are extremely fascinating and give us insight into working on ourselves. Looking inwards helps us self-awareness and gives us passion, motivation, and desire that ultimately shapes our personalities. Some moments in these books have strong potential to change our lives. 

The best books on psychology are those that teach us to use our brains with full effectiveness. These books improve our mindset, gives us good knowledge, enhance our life quality and provide us understanding. By using the information from psychology books, you can surely understand people better, and you can make good decisions.

Let’s have a look at the list of the best books on psychology and human behavior. 

When we unintentionally make mistakes or mistreat others, we must know how to calm our self-worth. Have you ever feel doubt about your suggestions or thoughts? If yes, then this book will surely help you out. This book deals with cognitive biases, cognitive dissonance, and confirmation bias written by two expert psychologists. 

It also tells us how to convince ourselves and maintain our mental peace. You would get to know about the explanation of self-justification in this book that will make your mind clear about your mistakes. This updated edition will guide you on how to live with dissonance, learn it, and forgive yourself.

Thinking, Fast and Slow is a book written by Daniel Kahneman after doing complete research for years. Readers find this book very interesting and engaging. The author engaged with the reader and told us where we should and where we shouldn’t trust our sixth sense. Moreover, he divides relationship status into two modes.

System one is automatic, intuitive, and impulsive; this system type of thinking is fast and happens without our conscious thoughts. While on the other hand, system two is calculating, thoughtful, and deliberate, which is much slower than system one. 

This book tells us that interaction between these two systems decides our way of thinking. These systems shape our behaviors, judgment, and decisions. The author enlightens the importance of our thinking in our personal and business life decisions. Everyone should read this book, as it is really beneficial for daily life. 

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The authors of this amazing book have a lot of psychology experience and always focus on demonstrating important truth. The Invisible Gorilla is one of the best books on psychology for beginners, and it tells us how important concentration and focus are. When we are determined and focused on one thing, we should know how to overlook everything in our surroundings.

The authors of this book share remarkable stories and share researches with many other researchers. The book also tells us how faulty intentions put us in trouble. 

We usually think we understand the world as it looks, but in reality, our thoughts are influenced by everyday illusions. This book reveals the ways in which our own intuition deceives us. It also tells us what we can do to keep ourselves away from distractions. In short, everyone who just plunges into psychology should definitely give this book a read. 

best books about psychology

The Happiness Hypothesis is written by an award-winning psychologist who discusses wisdom and ideals that are helpful in a meaningful life. This book comes with different chapters that discover different world civilizations. It focuses on scientific research that is applicable in today’s world. The author gives us a deeper understanding of the philosophical wisdom of the world. 

Haidt, in this book, tells us religions’ morality, behavioral biases, beliefs, and consciousness, by using science and studies to dissect them. If you are really interested in a mixture of psychology and philosophy, this book is surely for you. This book will help you in reflecting on yourself and also human behavior. 

If you want to know about the basics of psychology, then this best book on psychology and philosophy will help you out. This book has small biography boxes that will provide you with all the details that any thinker needs. By using witty illustrations and jargon-free explanations, this book would make understanding psychology much easier.

It demystifies difficult-to-understand concepts and shapes our knowledge in a better way. You would learn about key theories and the basics of psychology with this book. The author also gives an overview of theories, themes, and studies of famous psychologists. If you are just going to start your university studies in psychology, then reading this book is very important as it will give you basic concepts. 

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The name of this book attracts most of the readers more than anything else. The Private Life of the Brain focuses on the effects of neurological injuries and disorders, characters of thoughts, actions of the drug, and different other problems. This book tells us that emotions are the building block of consciousness. You will better understand psychology and the human mind that will be helpful for you in your daily routine. 

With the development in mind, we create an inner world that is based on our experiences. This groundbreaking book gives us answers to many questions and thoughts. You will get the answer to how our unique self-sense is created differently. Although this book is a bit technical to read, it is still a good book to read for attaining neuroscience research completely. With this book, you will get a fascinating glimpse of the human mind. 

Outliers: The Story of Success discusses conventional wisdom that tells you why turning an ordinary person into an extreme overachiever. If some achieve more than others, does it mean they lie far out of the ordinary? 

Malcolm Gladwell writes this book in a most inspiring and provocative way. Whether you are a software billionaire, rock star, scientific genius, or professional athlete, this book is a must-read for you. He explains that story of success is far more fascinating than we could imagine. 

Fortunately, this book will completely change the way you think and tells us what makes all of us unique. It reveals from where we are, who we are, and what makes us successful. Anybody willing to become a champion, leader, or successful should must go for this book. 

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best books about psychology

Understanding the psychology of happiness is very important as it clears the aspects of many things. It tells us what makes our life worthwhile, what makes people glad, and what should be the purpose of living. The author of this book discusses deep enjoyment and feelings of concentration. For everyone who practices psychology as a profession should read this book. 

After doing a lot of research, the author tells us how happiness is dependent on the work we commit. He tells us that happiness is mainly linked with mental state, and the individual skill is connected with work challenges. It examines issues such as family relationships, lifelong challenges, the pain of loneliness, best use of free time, and flow of art. 

Reading the best books on psychology and manipulation helps you give you complete knowledge about mindfulness. This beautifully written practical guide is a best seller and gives you some amazing tips to find peace. It tells you some powerful practices that you can implement in your daily life and break the cycle of unhappiness, stress, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Mindfulness discussed in this book is based on cognitive therapy and focuses on the happiness that all of us crave. It also encourages you to face the worst life most beautifully. By just investing few minutes, you can completely control your life. Everyone who is depressed or struggling to cope with modern world demands must read this book. 

Emotional intelligence is one of the best books on the psychology of money and trading. This groundbreaking bestseller tells you some great ideas about success and intelligence. Daniel tells us some views about human intelligence and tells us how our emotions play a role in individual thoughts, decision making, and thought.

He discusses persistence, self-awareness, empathy, impulse control, social deftness, and motivation in an amazing way. The author precisely tells us how emotional intelligence can strengthen and nurture all of us. This thought-provoking book will tell you how to handle all the situations in a better way. You will get to know why emotional intelligence matters more than IQ. 

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