Best Books On Romance

best books about romance

Best Books On Romance

Readers who love to read the best books on romance don’t have a good interest in the love relationships of other people. They don’t want to know anything about historic, romantic relationships. All they want to read is to feel their own story in the book. They crave to see their own relationship pleasures and mishaps in the novels.

Although the publishing industry still needs a lot of work on this niche, somehow, we managed to find out a few best books on romance. If you really enjoy reading romanticism, then these books are surely for you. Let’s dive into them!

1. It Ends with Us: A Novel

Let’s talk about one of the best-selling books on romance; It Ends With Us!

This story is about a small girl, Lily, who lives in a town. Life has never been easy for her, but she never gives up and always works hard for fulfilling her dreams. From a small town, she gathered a lot of courage and graduated from college. After graduation, she moved to Boston and paid all her attention to her own business.

In Boston, she fell in love with a handsome neurosurgeon, Ryle. After falling into this relationship, everything in Lily’s life starts looking beautiful. Ryle was a bit stubborn and rude, but for Lily, he has a soft corner. The author has written the love story of both of them incredibly. Almost anyone in love can relate their story with this couple.

2. Beautiful Disaster: A Novel

As you listen to the name of this novel, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Indeed only love can be a beautiful disaster in this world. This novel is about a girl and a boy who falls in love insanely with each other. Abby Abernathy is a good girl who doesn’t drink and has a good enough cardigan in her wardrobe. She thinks of herself as a very strong girl, and she believes that she has come far away from the darkness of her past.

Everything changed when she started college. Travis, his college fellow, was covered in tattoos, and he spent all his nights winning money. He was the only person that Abby needed to avoid, and she wanted it at the same time.

3. Pride and Prejudice

Out of all Jane Austen’s novels, Pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular. The author has written an unforgettable story that readers find very interesting and romantic. The main character of the story is Elizabeth Bennet, who always deals with morality, manners, upbringing, education, and marriage issues. She was the second daughter of a country gentleman who lived near a town. The whole story revolves around Mr. and Mrs. Bennet’s five unmarried daughters.

Elizabeth falls in love with the man, and here the story changes drastically. The twist in the novel came with love.

best books on romance

4. The Girl Who Escaped from Auschwitz

The Girl Who Escaped from Auschwitz is one of the best books on love and life. This powerful novel tells us an inspiring story with a tint of romanticism. Whosoever comes in Auschwitz never leaves it alive, but the heroes of this novel did something extraordinary.

Mala is very strong and motivated. She is in a good position, and by using her post, she saved as many lives as she could. On the other hand, Edward is a political prisoner and a camp veteran. Both of them are locked up without any reason. But the dark shadow of Auschwitz didn’t take away hope from them. Edward is the reason that Mala starts believing in the impossible. They made a promise that they would escape together or would die together. Indeed, they have written one of the great love stories.

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5. People We Meet on Vacation

This novel will leave you with the warm and hazy afterglow usually enjoyed after the best vacations. Two best friends went on a summer trip, and this is what the whole story is about.

Poppy and Alex have nothing in common. Poppy is a wild child who wears khakis and has a lust for wandering. While he always prefers to stay home and enjoy his time with a good book. Both of them were best friends in school, and then they lived far apart for many years. Poppy has everything that he can think of, but his happiness is somewhere else. When someone asks when was the last time he was truly happy, without a doubt, he knows it was the last trip with Alex. But something was wrong in their relationship.

6. The Mechanics of Mistletoe

Bear Glover is a beauty in mind type of person; he always thinks he would be fine working hard for his family and then going back to his hometown alone. During his smooth journey, he had a crush on Benton, and after getting serious about her, he decided to do something.

Unexpectedly, his first date with Benton turns out to be a spectacular disaster. He was embarrassed and didn’t have the courage to call her back. She was herself the strongest one in her family. After the death of her sister and her husband, she was the only one who took care of her aging parent and sister’s son. Life was difficult, but his love brought some beautiful changes in it.

7. Sold on a Monday: A Novel

While discussing about the best books on love and relationships, we cannot forget to mention Sold on a Monday. This novel is New York Times bestseller, USA bestseller, and publisher’s weekly bestseller. You shouldn’t expect any ordinary love story from this novel.

Anyone interested in the best books on historical romances, then this book is a must-read for him. The author shares with us an unforgettable historical fiction love story that really inspires readers. The story of this novel is inspired by an incredible piece of history from Depression-Era America. Once you start reading this book, you can’t get over this!

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best books about love

8. The Girl on the Train: A Novel

Get this award-winning novel, and you will surely appreciate it. Every morning, Rachel used to take the same train, and the way she reached the train was also the same. She rattles down the track, has a look at old cozy suburban homes, and daily stops at the signal. While standing on the signal, she daily watches the same couple doing breakfast on their deck. She even started feeling a kind of relationship with them.

And then suddenly something shocking happened, she fell in love and then everyone who was involved in her life suffered. The Girl on the Train story is an electrifying debut and emotionally immersive. Everyone should definitely read this compulsively readable book.

9. Summer on the Bluffs: A Novel

This book will introduce you to Oak Bluffs, which is surely the only black beach community in the country. Famous for its Victorian-style houses, gingerbread, and modern, architecture this book will introduce you to some famous historic places.

The Summer on the Bluffs story is about a lot of women whose era is now ending. Each of those women wants their separate home desperately. All of them have their own secrets, and they don’t want them to be exposed. The romanticism and love story discussed in this book is about mother and their daughters.

10. Window on the Bay: A Novel

One amazing form of love is self-love, and no one can understand this love more than a single mom. A single mom spreads her wings and strengthens herself just for her children. The Windows on the Bay is the best book on self-love and healing, so if you have been feeling down, then this novel will help you out.

Jenna’s life came into crossroads. She was living a beautiful life until the day she got divorced from her surgeon husband. Dealing with motherhood was a tedious task with her beloved job, but she raised her two children very well. Paul and Allie, her two lovelies, have cleared their college and are now wondering what the future will hold. Jenna is super excited as she and her best friend, Maureen, have always dreamed of the trip to Paris that they can only go after college.

When the time of adventure came, she wasn’t pretty sure that she was ready to let the love in or not.

All these books are the best books on romance, and you can pick the one that matches your taste the most. Get the one and start reading today. Everyone can relate our stories to these interesting novels.

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