Best Children’s Books

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Best Children’s Books

We are living in a competitive world where being educated and successful is the only way to live a peaceful life. Reading valuable books is the first step to educated life. Moreover, engaging your child in a healthy hobby is a good thing to do. Reading books is a hobby that will ultimately help your child in the long run. So in order to help you here, we have provided the 10 best children’s books which will sharpen your child’s brain.

Big Shot Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 16

Big Shot Diary of a Wimpy Kid is written by best children’s books author Jeff Kinney. The book is about the child Greg Heffley who thought that sports and he were not a good match. The thought comes when one day he had a disastrous field day competition at his school. After that day, he came home and announced that he was going to end his athletic career, and now he is officially retired. But her mom persuades him to give sports another chance. So, in the end, he reluctantly joined the basketball. Greg is sure that he won’t be able to survive in basketball. When Greg and his teammates started the new season, they were sure that they would lose. Although the chance of their victory was very slim, they still tried because everything can happen in a game. The big shot diary describes the journey of Greg as he struggled to survive in basketball. This book will teach your kid the importance of sports in life.

The Christmas Pig

The Christmas Pig is the gripping, heartwarming, and page-turning tale of the boy who loves his toy so much, and he is willing to do everything to find that toy. The story is about a boy named Jack who loves his childhood toy, Dur Pig, very much. Due Pig, or DP, is his dearest toy who was always with him, through good and evil. Suddenly one day on Christmas eve, Jack lost his toy DP. But Jack believed that Christmas eve is the night of blessings and miracles when everything can come to life, even the toys. So Jack’s new toy, the Christmas Pig (replacement of DP), makes a daring plan with Jack to find the DP. The book, Christmas Pig, illustrates the journey of Jack and his new toy to find his lost bed friend.

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LeBron James: The Children’s Book: The Boy Who Became King

The Boy who became King is the truly inspiring story of superstar LeBron James. This picture biography book is the best children’s book by age 13. The boy who became the king illustrates the story of NBA superstar LeBron James and his single, loving, and struggling mother who tried to give the best life to her son purely on her own. He was introduced to basketball with the help of the coach and his supportive family. Once he joined basketball, he soon rose to fame and became the NBA superstar of basketball games. The book depicts the struggles of ‘the boy from Akron’ as he tried to survive in the world, and eventually, through his hard work, he did not only makes it to the NBA but also became the legend in the history of basketball. The story shows that even when LeBron became famous, he remained humble and tried to help other struggling people just like he and his mother once were.

The Secret Lake: A children’s mystery adventure

A secret lake is a children’s mystery book that can be considered as the best children’s books by age 9. The book depicts the story of Stella and her brother, Tom. When they moved to their new home in London, they became curious due to the disappearance of their elderly neighbor’s dog. The questions like where did he go? and why does he reappear wet through? came in their minds. So they decided to find the answer to this mystery during their summer vacations. As they try to solve this mystery, they encounter the boat buried beneath a grassy mound and a tunnel that takes them to a secret lake. As they traveled through that lake, they became aware of the fact that it’s the same place where their home is; the only difference is that it’s 100 years in the past. As the story progress, the kids uncover the connection between past and present.

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The Try Not to Laugh Challenge – Would Your Rather? – EWW Edition

The book, try not to laugh challenge – would you rather? contains over 160+ hilarious and smelly questions perfect for every road trip, family gathering, long road trip, or party. The try not to laugh challenge is a fun book that will also engage your child in healthy activities and sharpen their brains as they try to answer the questions. To play this game, take turns while reading the questions and then voice your pick and explain your answer in the goofiest way possible. If your answer gets the laugh, mark that down. The person who gets the most laughs will win. This is the best children’s book by age 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and even teens. The book will also help parents to develop a friendly relationship with their children.

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Beyond the Bright Sea

The best children’s books of all time, beyond the bright sea, is the winner of the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction 2018. This beautiful and moving story is about an orphan girl who is determined to find her ancestors. While working on finding her history, she discovered the true meaning of family. Crow is a twelve years old girl living on a tiny isolated Elizabeth Island. When she was only hours old, she was abandoned and set adrift on the boat where Osh rescued her. Osh, who raised her, and Miss Maggie, her affectionate neighbor, are Crow’s only companions. One night, the fire broke out across the water, which made Crow curious about her identity. Through a series of events, Crow finds her identity and learns many lessons.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

The girl who drank the moon is an everlasting classic story about the people of the Protectorate. The people of the Protectorate leave a baby in the forest every year as an offering to the witch who lives in the woods. They hoped that after taking the baby as a gift, the witch doesn’t attack them. But what they don’t know is that the witch, Xan, who lives with a wise swamp monster and a tiny dragon, is kind-hearted. Every year she takes the baby and delivers it to the welcoming home who will raise the baby dearly. She fed starlight to the baby on her way. Until one day, she accidentally fed the girl moonlight instead of starlight. Now that baby has marvelous, magical powers. What will happen when the girl finds her powers.

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A Long Walk to Water

The number 1 New York Times bestseller, a Long Walk to Water, is the thrill, mysterious story set in Sudan in two alternate times. The story is based on the real-life of a boy named Salva who went to South Sudan to find water. In the long walk to the water, there are two eleven-year-old kids, a girl named Nya who is living in 2008 and a boy named Salva who is living in 1985. The story stated the water conditions of Sudan. Nya fetches water from the pond, two hours away from her home, and she makes two trips every day to bring water. On the other side, Salva is the lost boy of Sudan who came to Africa to search for a family and a safe place to stay. He endured every hardship of life, which intersects with Nya’s life interestingly and movingly. The book teaches that one should always help others and try to make life easy for others through its words.

Strictly No Elephants

Strictly no elephants are the best children’s books which teach children true friendship. It’s about a boy who has an elephant as a pet, but the local pet club won’t accept the elephant as a pet. He brought his elephant with him on the pet club day, but people here won’t let him in. They won’t understand the fact that pets come in all sizes and shapes, just like friends. He left the club and later met with a girl who also had an unusual pet, a skunk. Then he decided to open his own club where everyone could come. The story emphasizes the warm message of ‘friends never leave anyone behind and teach kids to support their friends no matter what.

A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet)

A Wrinkle in Time is a mystery book that depicts the story of Meg Murry, her younger brother Charles Wallace, and her mother. The story starts when the family had to welcome a stranger. On the dark, stormy night, the family was sitting in the kitchen for the midnight snacks when they heard a knock. There was an unknown person at the door who wanted to sit down for the moment. The stranger disturbed the family by talking about the tesseract (a wrinkle in time). Meg’s father was a scientist who was working on the tesseract until one day he disappeared. The story shows the struggles Meg as she tried to find her father.