Best Fiction Books Of All Time

Best fiction books Of all time

10 Best Fiction Books Of All Time

Whether you discuss with historians, critics, literary, or avid readers, every one of them will give you a different opinion about the best fiction books of all time. What is THE BEST novel? The most loved novel is the one with immense social impact, captivating language, or one that affects the world.

Novels are not only interesting reads but also adds a huge impact on your lives. Out of hundreds of fiction books available, we have created a master list that will surely help you choose the best novels for you.

1. When We Believed in Mermaids: A Novel

When we Believed in Mermaids is beautifully written, well-drawn settings, crisp prose, and the story discusses the full range of human emotion. It is a woven tale of two sisters; one has been killed during a terrorist attack. Separated by tragedy, these sisters are reunited by fate and prove that past stories aren’t what actually look. Reuniting two sisters can be a long-buried secret, and they keep on facing devastating truth for so long. To get their relationship back, these sisters are even ready to lose everything.

2. American Dirt (Oprah’s Book Club): A Novel

American Dirt is the New York Times bestseller and is one of the best fiction books to read. It is the story of Lydia, who lives in Mexican and runs a bookstore. He has a wonderful son and a loving husband who was a journalist. The family was living happily in their comfort zone, and suddenly a big change comes, and their life never remains the same. From language to the story to lesson, everything about this book is so extraordinary and suspenseful. Within this novel, you will find the arresting language with character development descriptions.

3. Storm Clouds Rolling In

If you are looking for a book with unforgettable characters that will win your heart, then this Storm Clouds Rolling In is a perfect choice. This story is about Carrie, who had always lived a charming and easy life, but her soul had some problems. She always dreamed of a different future, but some dramatic changes turned the game completely. Her mind and heart were wholly filled with spirit and fire while she keeps on struggling with the ordinary wisdom of South and the truth of her soul. Her decisions, heritage, and challenges put her at odds. Will she give up her dreams?

4. All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel 

All The Light We Cannot See is written by the stunningly ambitious award-winning author. This is one of the best fiction books of all time for adults as it opens up the mind and gives a lesson on every page. This book is the story of a girl named Marie-Laurie who lives in the Museum of Paris where his father works. After a time, when Paris was occupied, they shifted to the walled citadel along with all the jewels of the Museum. When they moved there, the story took a twist; how did it go? Give a read to this book!

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best fiction books of all time

5. Where the Crawdads Sing

Presenting you one of the best fiction books of all time for beginners!

If you are just beginning with the novels, then this best-selling phenomenon book could be really helpful for you. It’s an interesting story about a Marsh girl who has been treated badly and suspected of killing a handsome guy. This sensitive and intelligent girl lives alone in the marshy area for years. He kept on finding lessons in the sand and friends in the gull. After a time, when someone becomes intrigued by her beauty, then she wanted to be loved. This surprising tale has lots of twists inside it!

6. It Ends with Us: A Novel 

Well, if you have been into the fiction world, then you must have listened to the name of this incredible fiction book. A combination of captivating romance with the cast of human characters, this unforgettable tale would be your favorite book.

Life for Lily wasn’t very easy, but she keeps on struggling for the life she desires to have. She opened her eyes in a small town; she graduated and started her own business starting from there. After a while, he was trapped in a relationship with an arrogant and stubborn neurosurgeon. But with this, her past relationship keeps on disturbing him.

7. Pride and Prejudice 

The author of this book has written many fiction books; out of all those, Pride and Prejudice are most popular and best-loved. This timeless classic is a story about romance, love, class, money, and family. Anyone who is reading this book can relate totally to it. The main character in this book is Elizabeth, who perfectly deals with matters of moral rightness, marriage, and upbringing in a most beautiful way.

8. Where the Forest Meets the Stars

It is a story about a child who gives an amazing lesson to strangers about life and love.

Joanna lost her mother at a very early age, and after this loss, her own battle of cancer started. But she continued her graduate research and proved that nothing could beat her. She keeps herself busy from dawn to dusk; this continually happens until a mysterious child disrupted her routine. The child claims that she has been sent from stars; Joanna feels sad for her home situation, so she let her stay. It all went well, until one day Joanna get to know about the child’s past.

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9. I Am Watching You 

I Am Watching You is another one of the best books of all time for young adults. The story begins with the life of Ella how noticed two young men doing flirt with the girl on a train. She didn’t plan to interfere until she realized that those men just came out of prison, which puts her maternal instinct on high alert. After even knowing this, there was something that stops her from calling help.

The next day, she gets to know that girl has disappeared and no one could find her even after a year. Ella started to remain guilt; along with this, she gets life-threatening signs. The story gets some amazing turns after this!

10. The Nightingale: A Novel 

The Nightingale is a remarkable fiction book of love and strength. It is a story of two sisters who were separated by passion, ideals, ideas, circumstances, and experiences. Both have been living at different places; each one of them was embarking on her own path towards freedom, love, and survival. This novel for a lifetime is for everyone; it discusses the resilience of the human spirit and the strength of women.

Final Verdict

We have shared with you some of the best fiction books of all time Amazon. This guide will surely help you in selecting the best books. Read a summary about the book, and choose the one that matches your interest.

Reading fiction helps us understand the world, improves social skills, makes us emphatic, improves creativity, and has many advantages.

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