Best Thriller Books

best thriller books

Best Thriller Books

Reading books is a good hobby, and many people enjoy reading books. But everyone has different tastes in books. If you are interested in thriller books or are bored with your casual genre and want to read something new, captivating, and full of suspense, you might need a good thriller book.

Thriller is something that will never make you lose interest in a story. Here we have put together the list of 10 best thriller books. Read these exciting books if you are interested in thrillers.

1.The Last Thing He Told Me

The last thing he told me is a mystery novel about a woman, Hannah Hall, who thinks her love for life, her husband Owen Michael, will live with her forever until one day he suddenly disappears. This is a gripping, mystery, suspense novel.

Before disappearing, he successfully smuggled the note to her beloved wife of one year. The message stated only two words: Protect her. As ambiguous as it seems, Hannah still knows that the statement on note refers to the sixteen-year-old daughter of Owen, Bailey.

Bailey is a poor girl who lost her mother as a child, and she is not attached to her stepmother. As the story progresses, Hannah’s numerous calls to Owen go unanswered. Finally, the FBI arrests Owen’s boss, and US marshal and federal agents arrive at their home unannounced to inquire about Owen.

Then Hannah and Bailey tried to find the true identity of Owen, and in the process, they also built the future for themselves. Read this best thriller of all time to find out what happened next.

2.The Silent Patient

The silent patient is the story of a mysterious woman who murdered her husband and never spoke a word again even though her therapist was obsessed with uncovering the truth. Alicia Berenson is a famous painter who is married to a popular photographer.

She lives in a grand house with large glass windows from where the great park can be seen. Her house was located in one of the most desirable places in London, and apparently, her life seemed perfect. Until one day, her husband came home from a photoshoot, and she shot him five times in the face.

After murdering her husband, she became the silent patient and refused to speak again even though her new painting had skyrocketed. The story revolves around her and Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist, as he tries to make Alicia speak.

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3.The Sanatorium

The New York Times bestseller and the best thriller book for beginners, The Sanatorium, is the story of Laure, who went missing from the five-star hotel, and her detective fiancé Elin Warner who tried to solve the case. Le Sommet was a sinister place half-hidden and overshadowed by forest and threatening peaks.

In Le Sommet, there was a formerly abandoned sanatorium. The Sanatorium was renovated and converted into a five-star hotel. Elin Warner is a detective who took some time off her job. Her brother, Isaac, and her fiancée, Laure, throw her a birthday party at the hotel.

But the following day, Laure went missing, and now Elin has to act quickly to find the culprit to avoid panic in the guests. Read the whole book to find out the interesting events and to know about how much danger the place possesses.

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best thriller books

4.The Silent Wife: A gripping emotional page-turner with a twist that will take your breath away

A silent wife is the best thriller book of all time as it depicts the story of a wife who is willing to risk everything for the man she loves. The Silent Wife teaches that everything which seems apparently perfect does not always mean that it is perfect.

No one’s life is excellent, and everyone has to go through various hardships in life. In this book, there is a story of Laura, whose life seems perfect apparently. She is married to the handsome and doting Massimo, and they have a sweet little son, Sandro.

But Massimo has a secret that Lara knows, but she can’t tell anyone for the sake of her home, her child, their reputation, and her husband’s job. So she decided to become the silent wife. On the other hand, Massimo’s brother Nico is married to a lady named Maggie.

Maggie thought she knew everything about her husband and her troubled stepdaughter until she found a letter in the attic one day. The letter had a secret about Nico’s first marriage.

5.While Justice Sleeps

While Justice Sleeps is a thriller book about a young girl who is the law clerk of justice, Howard Wynn, she tries her best to keep her job and personal life in their places. Until one day, she suddenly heard the news that justice Wynn had slipped into a coma.

Justice Wynn made the young girl his guardian and power of attorney. As Avery went through justice Wynn’s files, she realized that he was secretly researching the controversial case where collaboration between an American biotech company and an Indian genetics firm promises good results in the medical field.

As she dug into the case, she found many loopholes, cheesy clues, and political involvement in the case. The novel is filled with mystery and suspense as Avery tries to solve the case while Justice Wynn is sleeping.

6.Everything I Never Told You

Everything I Never Told you is a mystery thriller novel that shows the deep heartwarming side of the family. The book is about a Chinese American family living in 1970s small-town Ohio. Marilyn and James Lee are the parents of a beautiful girl Lydia.

They want Lydia to achieve everything in her life, her all dreams, that her parents failed to achieve. But one day, Lydia was found dead in a local lake which caused chaos in the Lee family.

Everything I Never Told You depicts a sensitive family, and it teaches people about the various relationships everyone has in their lives. It shows how mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, husbands and wives, and various other relationships struggle all their lives to understand each other.

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7.The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War

The Spy and the Traitor is the best thriller book and true spy novel you can ever read. This New York Times best-selling book depicts if anyone could be considered the Russian counterpart of the British double agent Kim Philby, Oleg Gordievsky.

He was the child of two KGB agents, and he was trained professionally by the best Soviet institutions. Oleg grew up seeing communism in his nation. His first posting was in Russian intelligence in 1968. He eventually rose to fame and became the top man of Soviet Union London.

But he was secretly working for the MI6. Gordievsky helped western people turn the tables on KGB for nearly a decade. But after USA’s first nuclear strike, the world came closer to the brink of war. The book depicts how Gordievsky became a Traitor from a spy and suffered the death penalty.

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8.I Am Watching You

I am watching you is one of the best thriller books, and it depicts a story full of thriller, mystery, and suspense. The story started when Ella Longfield was riding a train and heard two men flirting with teenage girls there. At first, she thinks of nothing, but suddenly, the realization hit her that those men were fresh out of jail.

Her maternal instinct became alert, but something stopped her from intervening in their conversation. The next day, as she woke up, she heard that one of the girls, the green-eyed beautiful Anna Ballard, had gone missing. She felt regret.

A year later, Anna is still missing, and someone is also sending threat letters to Ella, which makes her tremble in fear. Anna’s family knows something, but they are not telling cops the whole truth, and they are keeping an eye on Ella.

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9.The Nightingale

The Nightingale is considered the best thriller book for one who loves thrillers and history both. The book showed France in 1939. In the village of Carriveau, Vianne Mauriac waves goodbye to her husband, Antoine, as he goes to the Front.

In the absence of her husband, the Nazis invade France with a lot of bombs, shooting, and trunks. A German captain requisitioned Vianne’s home, and she had to make a difficult decision to either live with an enemy and protect her family or lose everything.

In hunger and danger, she made many difficult decisions to protect her family. On the other hand, her sister, Isabelle, is a rebellious teenager who joins the resistance after undergoing various circumstances and never looks back. The story depicts the grace and courage of the two sisters as they both struggle to survive in their own ways.

best thriller books

10.Surviving The Forest (World War II Brave Women Fiction)

Surviving the forest is the best thriller book of all time as it shows women’s courage and love. It is based on a true story. This Amazon bestseller is the story of a happily married young woman, Shurka, who lived with her husband and two children in the village of Poland.

She thought she would live like this forever until one-day World War 2 broke out, and the family’s happiness was shattered to pieces. They left their house and fled to the neighboring village Ghetto, but soon they heard that Gestapo took Jews on the trucks to unknown places every night.

So the family made the hard decision of going and hiding in the forest. Animals surround them in the woods, but they know that it’s their only chance to save themselves. The story shows how this loving family struggles to keep in contact.

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