Top 9 Books Recommended By Adam Grant | adam grant reading list

adam grant reading list

Adam grant reading list

We all know some of the best series written by Adam Grant. Also adam grant reading list,  Other than being a professor and an amazing writer, Adam was a keen reader. Only those leaders are successful who manage to take out time for reading. Fortunately, Adam is a leading expert in his field and teaches us to live a creative and generous life.

 He was an organizational psychologist who is known in the world for his work. He was awarded as the most influential management thinker under 40.  Along with this, he was also one of the youngest professors in Wharton school. Grant has written lots of journal articles, research papers, blog posts, and newspaper articles. 

We all have a personal belief in taking recommendations. Here is the adam grant reading list. Have a look! 

If you really want to make your summer more interesting then don’t forget to read this amazing book. Your ending of summer will be much smarter and thrilling than the beginning. Written by the Nobel prize-winning author, this book will bring a revolutionary change to you.

This book tells us how the variability in judgments affects our lives and situation. Just think in your mind what will happen if two judges give entirely different sentences to the two people who commit the same crime. Imagine that two different doctors suggest different treatments to two same patients. In Noise, the author shows the prominent effects of noise in medicine, forensic science, law, child protection, economic forecasting, and many other fields. The author also tells us that many times organizations and individuals are also unaware of this issue. Only by applying few remedies can you reduce bias and noise both and make this world a better place. 

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This another amazing adam grant reading list book which tells us how behaviors and practices can lead to transformational leadership in us. The author says that not only the people in power can make changes, but also everyone who aspires to bring some change can do that. All you need to do is to act decisively in any challenge and impact the world positively.

This book says that even the most unlikely of people have the potential to become extraordinary just by passing through the most unexpected circumstances. Whether we talk about socio-political chaos or workplace disruption, this world needs leaders that are determined to bring good change. We need a leader who knows how to fulfill leadership responsibilities and is ready to influence people; everyone whose dream is to bring a difference in the environment should definitely give this book a read. Everyone has the ability to bring change in a positive way; everyone is a giant to someone; we just need to dig it out. 

Written by Grant’s fellow, this book is another favorite book of him and best collection is adam grant book recommendations. The award-winning author of this book has devoted her life to study different aspects of behavioral changes. The main topic of this amazing book is what paths you should adopt to fill the gap between your actions and goals. 

To bring positive change in your life, you should know what lies between you and success and how to find out the solution to the roadblock. She gives us an example to clarify us; she says that what if you really want to do exercise, you download a fitness app for this, but you find workout really boring and tedious. This book shares some incredible methods and strategies that will help you identify and overcome barriers. It also shares some engaging stories and case studies that give very useful lessons to the readers.  

adam grant reading list

Subtract changes the view of the world in everyone’s mind. Within few pages of this book, you will learn some examples of rock stars, design geniuses, Nobel prize winners, and everyday heroes. It also shares with us some guiding lights that can help revolutionize not only daily lives but also a collective legacy. You will get to know about ‘to-dos’ and also ‘stop-doings’ that will really help you in the future. 

The author shares some innovative and new ideas that prove to be great in everyday life. Whether challenges are big and small, just by adding little changes, we can make this world a better place. We should not what to subtract and what to add. This book shows us how we can avail opportunities that are in our hands and empowers us to pursue those changes. In the pursuit of success and happiness, we make some basic mistakes that these captivating books politely tell us. 

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In this hybrid world, the most important thing is connection and communication. This book will offer you a complete guide about these essential elements. Generally, the body language of humans plays a key role in building trust and connecting, but in the digital world, there is no more concept of body language. We keep on communicating with each other while keeping our body behind the screens. 

Digital body language will help you ease your daily misunderstandings; you should know how to communicate no matter how much the distance is. This guide tells us how to deal with others, how to engaging storytelling, how to send mail, and how to talk on voice mail. In real life, we smile, make eye contact and nod, however in online world game turns around and we need to be more practical about our choice of words. 

This adam grant book recommendations is written by psychologists Peter T. Coleman who has explained a beautiful concept here. The main idea of this book is to tell readers how they can escape from toxic polarization. The author says that political polarization can be really personal and it can make us absolutely miserable. 

Studies have shown that Americans have become hateful of supporters of the opposing political party.  The Way Out is a book that offers an escape from all the toxicity of this world. The author tells us how resolution can help us to deal with providing guidance and seemingly guide us everything about political differences. In this era, we aren’t ready to accept others’ opinions even we want to marry only those that have similar opinions like us. We are surely less willing to spend more time with other people; however, we can learn a lot while interacting with other people. 

This another book recommended by Adam Grant has gained a lot of love and appreciation from the readers. In this book, the author tells her complete life journey, which helped her a lot in finding her true self. She has achieved a groundbreaking tennis career in six years of her career and was among the top-ranked woman in the world. She tells her experience and also recalls the cultural backdrop of all those years in which she has achieved massive success. 

You will have a worldview of women’s movement and civil rights movements that will increase the knowledge and keep you motivated. She explains the myriad challenges she passes, financial issues, eating disorders, and many more problems. She also gives different advice on business, leadership, sports, activism, marriage equity, politics, parenting, love, and sexuality. And she tells how living with honesty can lead to the transformation of relationships. 

For everyone who loves music should definitely give this book a read. Suggested by our beloved Adam Grant, this book surely holds a lot of information, lesson, and fun for all of us. This book is a story about three different characters living in the New York City of Washington Heights. The score features soul music, hip-hop, salsa, and merengue. 

The book tells us perceptive essays, untold stories, and lyrics of different songs. It also features movie sets, backstage, and productions throughout the world. 

For almost the last two decades, Melinda Gates has been trying to find ultimate solutions to people’s problems. She has the mission to compete for the urgent needs of different people. The author has spent many years working with various women around the globe. This book focuses on women’s values and discusses the society in which women should have equal rights in all spheres of life.

All in all, the book revolves around unity, connection, and inclusion. She says that by lifting women, you can bring change in the overall humanity. Throughout her journey, she teaches us that you can never lift society by keeping women down. She shared the experiences and lessons that she learned during her work and travel. You will learn about present issues that need the most attention and are usually neglected by society. 

Written with grace, emotion, and intelligence, the author, remarkably shares everything that all of us need to know. 

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