how the grinch stole christmas

how the grinch stole christmas

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

You surely know about Dr. Seuss and his books; that’s why you are here. Dr. Seuss is our favorite because of his excellent contributions. He has written several children’s books that are super interesting and exciting. This classic book is written in  Seuss’ style that is in rhymed verse. Published in 2000, it has gained a lot of love and appreciation from the readers. 

Summary Of How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Dr. Seuss’ this book is popular and was later turned into a film. It is a story about a bitter and hateful Grinch, who was a Christmas-hating creature. Grinch lives inside the cave that was located above a small town. The author tells us that Grinch has a heart that is incapable of loving anyone. 

On the other hand, the author introduces us to ‘Whos,’ a loving and kind-hearted creature who truly loves Christmas. They badly wait for the festive season, and it is one of their most favorite occasions as they love to be a part of fancy and noisy celebrations. 

When the festive season arrived, everyone was super happy and excited except Grinch, who got annoyed with the noise of celebration. The celebration in town was at its peak, this made Grinch very frustrated, and he decided to “steal” the Christmas. He devised a plan to destroy the event from the root. 

Grinch planned to steal presents and trees so that there is no more a theme of Christmas, and without a theme, no one will celebrate the event. He thinks without Christmas; there would be more peace and calmness. 

When he was planning everything, in the middle, he met a little girl, Cindy. She was very kind and compassionate with Grinch and showed him much sympathy. Because of the warmth of this girl, Grinch reconsiders his plan and concludes that Christmas actually deserves much more credit than he thinks. 

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Lesson From This Book

According to the school of criticism, this book is all about archetypal analysis. Basically, archetypes are a symbol or image in literature, and all in all, they can be seen as an element of literary experience. 

This book teaches children how to adapt to circumstances, and it is not a good idea to pass your reaction on every event. Furthermore, the author also gives the lesson of the importance of kindness and how compassion can truly impact other person thoughts. With kind words and positive vibes, you can conquer almost everything in this world. 

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