think again by adam grant


Adam is an American famous organizational psychologist who has received many awards and is known for his incredible work. Out of all his amazing books, one of the extraordinary books is Think Again.

Grant is known for writing four excellent New York bestselling books that have won the hearts of millions of people. All his books are translated into almost 35 languages. Moreover, other than this, for a long time, he has done original podcasts. He usually covered topics about givers, thinkers, and takers. His podcasts covered millions of views and are appreciated by people.

Summary of Think Again by adam grant

This book focuses on the importance of thinking skillset and rethinking mindset in a new way. The writer tells us that this world is always in movement and changes every moment. He tells us that if we don’t agree on changing the world, we will eventually fall behind. If you really want to adapt to changing environment, then you should be ready to embrace rethinking.

Thinking has a huge impact on our mindset, decision, and eventually a lifestyle. Through right thinking, we can impact not only our lives but also close friends and relatives, so this will affect everyone’s approach. Usually, the ability to think and learn is considered as intelligence, but in this world, a set of cognitive skills is what really brings revolution.

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Synopsis of Think Again by adam grant

Think Again discusses biases, prejudices, cognitive errors, and blind spots. It tells us how to explore our failures and how we can change our thinking ideas. No matter the person’s knowledge and experience level, we can never ignore our thinking process. This book teaches us how to make the thinking process more appropriate.

Furthermore, it also shares with us some assumptions, external influences, unfounded opinions, and some other perceptions. The author tells us that our poor decision-making is only because of our natural tendency to belied on cognitive resources.

Adam Grant’s knowledge of psychology shares some amazing examples in this book. He tells us some innovative approaches that will help in improving thinking. The approaches shared in this book will guide readers to develop an interest in knowledgeable things, learning new things, and also encourages us to see other’s perspectives.

With the right mindset, a leader and his team will be able to empower and improve together. This book will give the opportunity to readers to change their mindset. You will know how rethinking works, from basic to advanced!

Some Amazing Lessons of Think Again by adam grant

Think Again is a beautiful combination of storytelling and research, which helps build emotional muscles and promotes intellectual growth. The critical art of rethinking will guide you a lot. Here are some fantastic lessons from this book!

  • Intelligence is another way of ability to learn and think in a new way.
  • In this world, cognitive skills enhance the ability to unlearn and then rethink in an innovative style. The set of skills will guide you a lot and will improve your thinking behavior.
  • Another lesson from this book is that questioning ourselves helps to make this world unpredictable. It also tells us anything that was once right may now be wrong with time.
  • If we believe in something, then reconsidering it will threaten our identities and lose a part of ourselves.
  • You will know about the value of rethinking. Mastering the art of rethinking will help you in positioning happiness and success at work and in life. You can identify new solutions to old problems and reconsider old solutions to new problems by thinking again.
  • Mental constitutions help us in doing quicker amendments.
  • The last lesson of this book is that progress cannot be possible without making any change. Those people who cannot change their minds cannot bring any good change in their life.

Final Verdict

Read this book and bring change to your life. Thinking and rethinking will drastically impact your life and help you make the right decisions at the right time. Think Again is one of the must-read books that will help every common person to change their mindset. After reading this book, you will start thinking in a new way, and ultimately you will notice a huge difference in your lifestyle.

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