Top 10 Best Books To Read Before You Die

top 10 books to read before

Top 10 Best Books To Read Before You Die

Well, books help your personality in a way that nothing else can. The selection of good books is very important as it keeps you on track. If you are an avid reader and want to fill your shelves with piles of books, then you need to be a bit extra careful. Here are some of the books that you should surely add to your to-read list. All the books we have shared with you are the top 10 books to read before you die. Let’s have a look at this!

1. A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

If you have been into writing for a while, then you must have listened to the name of this book. This book is written by a renowned cosmologist, physicist, and writer how manages to answer some profound questions of the world. In this book, he answered how this universe begins, what happens in the end, how time flows, dimensions of space, and a brief history of time.

For everyone who is interested in reading the physics guide, this book would be really interesting. He also explains about mysteries of the universe like black holes, quarks, and universal elements.

2. 1984 by George Orwell

A dystopian novel that is beautifully crafted and will surely open up your mind and heart. Written by George Orwell, this novel was published in 1949 and is famous for its prophetic language. It is added to our list of books everyone should read before they die because of its adventurous story. The novel follows the life of Winston Smith, who is annoyed by the omnipresent eyes of the party, and his Big Brother is leading all the major roles of his life.Best Book in the collection of top 10 books to read before you Die!


3. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

This New York Times bestselling novel become the reason for Khaled Hosseini’s fame. Millions of readers around the globe read this, and it leaves an impact on them. It is a heartbreaking, unforgettable story of the unlikely bond between a rich boy and the son of his father’s servant. This book is all power of friendship, price of betrayal, the influence of reading, exploration of power, love, and sacrifice of fathers for their sons. It is a kind of contemporary literature that has touched the hearts of millions of readers.

4. All About Love

If you think about what books to read before you die, add this book to your list. In this book, the writer explains that love is a magical and indeed a passive experience. After reading this book, your concept and idea about love will be completely changed. It tells us that love is not as abstract or elusive as we think; it is a choice that we all make intentionally. Fortunately, this book will not only tell us about the role of love but will also guide us with examples of how to cultivate it in practical life. If you are looking for a book to improve your relationship, then give it a read to this book!

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top 10 books to read before you die

5. Disgrace

Beginning with the suspense and uneasiness and ending with a beautiful twist, Disgrace is a must-to-have book in lists of books to read. This book beautifully explains how to control and use spare language to make things easy for readers. The author tells us how to cope with confront deep prejudices of sexuality, gender, class, and race. It tells us how to live as humans, and it forces us to observe deeply what it seems at first. Every character in this novel reshapes his soul perfectly.


6. Things Fall Apart

This work of Chinua was an interesting example of modern African literature. Before the publishing of this book, only a few English authors have discussed about African perspective. In this book, the writer draws the reader’s attention to history and takes him to another world. He narrates the story of Okonkwo, who was a strong member of a Nigerian village. As you read this story, you will enjoy a glimpse of village life and its complex structure. For anyone who is more into cultural aspects should definitely give it a read.

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7. What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing 

Recently, one of my students came to me and asked me that what books should I read before I die? I just abruptly gave him a suggestion for this book. Why? Because this book will change the way, you took life. It’s for everyone who keeps on thinking that why can’t I control myself? Why I took that decision? Why did I do that? While questioning ourselves, we easily blame ourselves; maybe it’s because our asking way is different. The author will completely guide you on how you can go through with this.

8. The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

Embracing your personality and letting go of people’s perspectives is the biggest blessing one could ever have. This self-help book will help you find the courage to overcome under-confidence and self-consciousness and strengthen the connection with self-discovery. Unlike the ordinary motivational book, this is an inspiring guide to living wholeheartedly. It will teach you that we all need to cultivate the importance of self-worth, acceptance, and love for each other. Everything mentioned in the book is explained with reference to complete research.

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9. I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year

Moving on to another book you must read before you die, I Alone Can Fix It. The name of the book itself speaks a lot!

It is a real story about Donald J.Trump’s White House. The writer has explained everything about the disastrous 2020 coronavirus situation. How Americans perished in this condition, and how did Trump refused to proceed in the election. Besides focusing on Triumph, the writer also discusses key players like his family members, doctors, senior advisers, and generals. This book should must be read by the citizens and historians to get an overview of heart-racing and classic work.

10. To Kill a Mockingbird

In our list of books to read, before you die, our last pick is another amazing book. This prize-winning masterwork will make you fall in love with this. The writer has explained a cherishing story interestingly. Translated into more than forty languages, this book is very popular across the globe. It is a remarkable story of coming-of-age in a South that is destroyed by prejudice. The tale gives a view of the world through a young girl’s eye and tells how his father defends him from a black man.

Final Verdict

One who reads the book explores many worlds! So, if you are not an avid reader, then start it now! it is the best collection in top 10 books to read before you die.

Choose one book out of our top picks and start reading today; once you start a good book, you don’t want it to get finished.  So, start your book reading journey now with our top recommendations.

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