what pet should i get? Book by dr.seuss

what pet should i get

What Pet Should I Get

Dr. Seuss is one of the most amazing children’s book authors as he has written some incredible books of his time. One of the renowned authors called him a creature content that doesn’t bother anyone’s opinion; rather, he focuses on his work one way or another. Seuss was one of the greatest pet-lovers of his time, and his love for animals and pets can be clearly seen in his children’s books and cartoons.           

Today we are here to share with you a summary of one of Dr. Seuss’s famous books, ‘What Pet Should I get.’ Told in the signature rhyming style of the author, this book is a must-read for Seuss fans and book lovers. It is indeed a perfect choice for birthdays, summer holidays, and happy occasions. 



Summary Of What Pet Should I Get

This story discusses about a young girl, Kay, and a boy who remain unnamed throughout the story. Brother and sister wanted to have a pet, so they asked their father for this. Somehow, they managed to agree with their father to buy a pet for them, but their father asked to permit them only to buy a single pet. As they had very limited options, so both of the kids were careful about their choices. 

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Kay and her brother were both super excited yet nervous at the same time. They were confused that which one pet they should choose. As the store was filled with many pets, deciding one among all wasn’t easy for them. Both of them didn’t want to buy traditional pets like cats and dogs; rather, they moved towards exotic pets like a parrot that speaks and birds that sings. 

The brother keeps on reminding the sister that they should choose the pet quickly as they have to choose only one pet, so what is even the purpose of spending so much time. He keeps on creating a sense of urgency in the overall situation just by highlighting the condition.  

By seeing too many cute, fluffy and wondrous animals, kids wanted to get all of them. They have to be home by noon, so the anxiety ramps them as they can’t decide on a single item. 

Within all this, both of them went into their imaginary world. They start thinking about what they would actually do if they had a large tent in which they could store all those pets. In their imagination, they also start giving names to all of them. In between all their thoughts, they also knew that their father could afford all these, neither tent nor all the pets. 

Final Words:

At the end of the book, the narrator himself chooses the pet and doesn’t tell the reader about it. The lesson of this story was that it is hard to make up your mind at times, but there are times when you have to do all. 

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